Thank you so much for the golf lessons. I was near giving up the game, and it feels great to not totally suck anymore. So much appreciation for your coaching.
Randy L. Tech Industry

I know this sounds weird, but all my other instructors in the past would tell me what to do, but you’re the only one that tells me how to do it(!). This is so much different and better than all my other lesson experiences.
Chris M. Tech Consultant

Corey, in the last five weeks you’ve taught me not only to take a different approach to golf, but a different approach to learning in general. Your mentorship during the past five weeks has been transformational, and you’ve helped me to bring an increased focus to all that I do. I’m so grateful for the lessons, as well as your infinite patience! Your intensive course should come with a disclaimer: “Golf is addictive. Play at your own risk!”
John H. Microsoft (Intensive student)

Thanks! I couldn’t have done it without you!
Ella W. High school golfer after shooting a 68 (including a 29 with 7 birdies on the front nine!) in a high school tournament).

I think I will have to give you a cake or a hug or something after this. I gained around 20 yards per club this week. I feel like every other lesson I’ve ever had was a waste of time. It’s like you are teaching me to walk. I am so excited!
Tomas A. Argentina, one week after first lesson

Corey – Just wanted to write and update you on my progress following our lesson back in early July (when I was a 5 handicap). I’ve worked hard on the feedback you provided and I must say just a few tips went a long way. I won the Inglewood Club Championship yesterday and have had a couple rounds in the 60’s along with some low 70’s rounds. Thanks. Now, let’s get back to work!
Tony M. Seattle area golfer

Corey, Thank you for spending your time teaching, inspiring, encouraging, and challenging me in one of the hardest sports known to mankind! I had so much fun learning and laughing with you these past weeks. It takes a special person to teach golf, & I appreciate all your patience & hard work with me!
Melanie C. Nurse/Former dancer (Intensive student)

Jack made it through the second round of the Drive, Chip & Putt, so we’re going to Pebble Beach for the chance to go to Augusta. Exciting!
and again later…
Jack just shot a 30 in his tournament today, his best score ever for 9 holes! 4 birdies and 1 eagle. It was apparently the best USKids score in Idaho history, for any age. Things are coming together. Our focused practice sessions and having that growth mindset you’re always talking about is really helping.
and again later…
Great News! I just heard back from TaylorMade, and they are picking up Jack on an equipment sponsorship. Full equipment when he is 11, including all clubs, but everything else in the meantime; balls, gloves, hats, and gear support.
Dan M. Father of 8-year old Jack

Played Legion Saturday and had my best score, +10, with only 29 putts! Our little refresher helped my chipping get back on track big time, leaving me with make-able putts. 2 water penalties on the back kept me from breaking 80. My handicap is trending at 15.5. You helped me cut that in half plus some this past year! It was at least 32 last year, and maybe more, considering I don’t even know how accurate my scores were then.
and again, 2 months later… 
Finally got my handicap below 10! And thanks again for hooking me up with Vendela. She is so consistent. We had a blast, and won the scramble tournament!
Sara S. Microsoft (Intensive student)

This is great. I’m hitting it way more solidly and shaping it way better. Thanks!
Tucker W. College teammate of Jason Dufner at Auburn

Corey is a magic maker!  Golf is no longer a guessing game for me; for the first time ever, I feel confident standing over the ball and know exactly how to swing.  I may not always execute, but having studied psychology Corey also helps with the mental side of the game.   My husband and I took the 5-week intensive program, practicing on the off days, reading suggested literature, and studying the notes Corey would send home with us.  Both of us feel stronger and more confident about the game and playing is a joy again.  Corey can quickly assess a swing and offer slight modifications to simplify the stroke to reduce room for error; he is positive, reinforcing, and realistic.  I highly recommend Corey and the intensive program!
Sandra R. BCD Travel (Intensive student)

Hey Coach Corey, this is fun! I love golf!
Evelyn W. 5-year old during her first lesson

I’ve gained between 20-30 yards per club this past year. I always wondered why I couldn’t hit it further. Thanks, man. Our work has totally been paying off. Can we work on putting? I need some work there next.
Will D. Seattle Golf Club

Hi Corey, hope all is well on your end. Played yesterday and finally felt confident within that 20-80 yard gap. Short game is definitely starting to improve with the addition of a pitch shot. Let’s look at my putting and chipping next.
and again, later… 
That playing lesson was amazing. I knew I had it in me, but was still shocked I could shoot 5 over at West Seattle when my handicap is 12! Just learning to focus and strategize properly was huge! I’m super excited to get back out there and go low again.
Noah C. Amazon

I had the privilege of participating in a 5-week intensive golf program with Corey this past summer, and I must say that the experience was truly transformational. Corey’s dedication as a coach is remarkable. Even before we met in person, he generously shared advice on selecting the right golf clubs. Once we commenced the classes, Corey’s patience and attentiveness shone through. Despite having some prior experience, I essentially started from scratch under his guidance. Corey not only taught me the fundamentals of the game, but also meticulously refined my posture and introduced me to a lot of techniques. His unwavering support and encouragement during moments of discouragement were uplifting. I achieved my goal within five weeks. I am now able to enjoy rounds of golf with my husband, thanks to Corey’s exceptional coaching. I am deeply grateful for his expertise and guidance throughout this journey.
Jenny H. Language Professor at Wellesley College/Yoga Instructor (Intensive student)

Corey, I’m ready to schedule another one, and also wanted to let you know that things already are paying off big time, after just the first lesson. I don’t think I told you, but I took a lesson last Spring up at that Snohomish driving range. When I asked afterwards how much I owed, the guy didn’t even charge me. He said that since he couldn’t/didn’t help me and nothing had changed, I didn’t owe him a thing. In other words, I was still sucking. I really appreciate your help. I’m already getting more loft and distance, even though I know I am a bit of a long term project and have a long way to go. Thanks.
Rob P. Retired – avid golfer

Thank you so much for teaching, guiding, and encouraging me, and for making golf so much fun. I think taking the intensive course to start learning golf was the best decision I ever made. I want to set up regular lessons once or twice per month now to keep it going. Like that first book you gave me said, finding a good teacher is really important. Thank you so much, I really appreciate your help!
Fang W. Dentist (Intensive student)

I’ve taken a 100 lessons in the past, and you’re the only teacher who has ever given me notes. Crazy, and super helpful.
Tyson S. Financial Advisor 

BTW, I forgot to tell you. I played with my husband at Suncadia last weekend and hit the best and longest drive of my life. Thank you so much! He couldn’t believe it, 253 yards!
Kathleen O. Board Member Epicor Software

It has been a pleasure taking lessons from you, and I really appreciate your teaching. It has helped tremendously, and I use all the notes you have given me all the time before practicing and playing.
Jan G. Gov’t & Business Consultant

I practiced five times since our first lesson. Almost immediately I saw I was hitting my 6-iron 155 now instead of 130. Huge difference already.
Dylan F. Tech 

My parents back in Korea are jealous. After only two years, my swing is way better than theirs, and they’ve been playing forever! Also, a bunch of people in the Jefferson women’s club are always asking where I learned to play, since my swing is so good. I’ve been giving them your name. Thanks!
Jamie W. Non-profit Tech

I got a hole-in-one at Jackson last week, my first ever. Hole 7, pin in the back, playing about 200 yards. I hit my 4-iron and knew it was close, but couldn’t see it go in. After we couldn’t find my ball, I looked in the hole and…!!! Thanks man, these lessons have been paying off. I’ve been having a lot of fun.
Alex G. Seattle

In addition to everything else I’ve told you, I think the best compliment I can give you is to say thanks for making golf fun again. Our time together has just been fantastic.
Steve B. Microsoft/South Africa (Intensive student)

I hit a shot the other day that was just Pure Joy. What a feeling! I am loving these lessons and want to keep learning how to get more of those.
Vadim J. Tech Security

Hey Corey, Just wanted to let you know that the swing changes we implemented, and the practice I’ve put in since, have played out perfectly. I played in a 36 hole ironman golf tournament yesterday at Couer D’Alene. The first 18 was a bit of a mental struggle committing to everything we changed across all the parts of my game, but I hit some good shots and finished with an 83. The second 18 began with some really good shots, but some bad breaks around the greens. Then, I got into the zone. We started on hole 4, and I played the first 11 holes in 7 over. When I got to hole 15, I hit two excellent shots and made a 15 foot eagle putt. I went on to birdie the next four holes in a row, and then lipped out a 30-footer, which would’ve made five in a row(!). I finished the last seven holes in 5 under par to shoot a 2 over 73. In the end I won the NET championship!!
Thank you for all your help. I will keep working at it and keep you updated on my first round in the 60’s.
and again, later…
My handicap has gone from a 9 to 2 this last 5 months since covid started. I’ve had a lot of time to play and work on the things we talked about. I even had a couple rounds where I was on the brink of breaking 70!
and again, later…
Thanks a ton for our mental tune up and prep session beforehand. Here’s the full lowdown on how the Maplewood Club Champ went for me:
Rd 1 – I wouldn’t say stress free, but managed emotions well. Shot 75 with a triple on the last and a double on a par-3. Right in the hunt.
Rd 2 – 79… not my best effort today, with 3 doubles (2 on par-5’s!). I gave up 5 shots to the field in 2 days on 18. 7 strokes off the lead, but made it to the final day.
Rd 3 – Successfully achieved all our last round goals. Shot 71, best of anyone today, and made up 4 shots. Took 2nd gross overall out of 350+ guys.
Overall, I learned lots, and didn’t put much weight on the outcome, as we laid out ahead of time. Just tried to have fun and learn as I went. Not bad for my first big tourney like that. Thanks, coach!!
and again, later…
Thank you for all your help over the last couple years. I finally achieved my 2-year goal of breaking 70 before the close of the calendar year 2021. I figured you would appreciate seeing this (scorecard with 7 birdies & no bogies for a 65 on a par 72 course).
Jeff L. Medical Device Sales

Corey, Fantastic! Substantial improvement!
Radim B. Architect (post round at Coal Creek, day after lesson)

Corey, I shot 9 strokes less than my average after our recent lessons. Granted I usually only shoot 108-110, but still!
Also, I don’t think I told you, but before this last set of lessons, Karen and I were playing together and she said she had ‘a guy’ for lessons who was awesome that I should try. I told her I already had somebody who was really good, but she insisted her guy was way better. Come to find out, we were both talking about you(!). We didn’t realize we both worked with you. So funny. You’re the best!
Robin A. Hospital Admin.

This summer I did the 5-week one-on-one intensive program with Corey. It was an outstanding experience. Corey helped me develop better consistency in my swing and short game. Corey is a positive and calm coach who provides excellent and insightful feedback. After my time with Corey, I was able to try out and obtain a spot on my high school golf team. Thanks, Corey!
Will C. High School Freshman (Intensive student)

Since you deserve a lot of the credit as my teacher, I just wanted to tell you I won the Most Improved golfer of the year at Broadmoor this year. Thank you! Also, let’s schedule some lessons for the winter, so I can win it again next year.
Sharon N. Retired Attorney

I played yesterday and started off a little shaky on the front and shot 12 over, but shot 3 over on the back 9 for an 87! Our lessons have changed my life!
Brian P.  UW Student

I saw considerable improvement when I played last week at Seattle Golf Club. These lessons are a huge help.
Jake C.  Sales

I’ve been playing golf pretty much my whole life, but never really knew what I was doing. Finally I got fed up and found Corey and his intensive program. Not only did I learn three different chips and how to line up and putt properly, I also learned how to stop slicing it! What a find! I’m so happy I jumped in and did it.
Aaron K. PNW Components (Intensive student)

Hi Corey, I have a new testimonial for your website. Student shoots +7 one week after first lesson! Regarding my score, I’m pretty much a bogey golfer, so +7 is quite good for me. As you can probably tell, I’m pretty excited, will keep working hard at this, and am looking forward to our next lesson.
Adam W. Tech Industry

Your work with Jack has been amazing and transformational (both for him and us!). Going from simply being a good golfer to winning all those tournaments and the season title after just a few months is incredible, and we couldn’t be happier. I think you caddying for him all those times in competition was a huge step, and has helped me learn how to do it and help him more for the future. Your continuous advice and willingness to discuss stuff with me and Steffie has really helped us as parents too. I now see how ill prepared we were to help him in this unique endeavor. We couldn’t be more appreciative, and look forward to a long and prosperous relationship. After Chambers, next up is Pinehurst, Monterrey, and Phoenix. Let’s do this thing!
Dan M. Father of 7-year old Jack

Thanks again for the club fitting help. Like I told you, I had mine ‘custom fit’ when I got them, 1″ longer than usual. To find out they were still 3 inches(!) shorter than they should have been just blows my mind. No wonder I couldn’t hit it right or swing how I am supposed to. This is going to be so much easier on my body too, not having to squat down so much. You’re the man! Lol
Robert W. Tech Consultant

Hi Corey! Thank you for all the advice, support, and wisdom you shared during my time at Seattle U. I appreciate all the conversations and laughs on and off the course over the years, and am extremely thankful for all the pep talks. It has been wonderful getting to know you. Best of luck with all your students and both the men’s and women’s teams this Fall and Spring.
Kimmy T.  Seattle University – Division I College Golfer – 2nd Place Individual – 2021 WAC Conference Tournament – Holder of many school career records

Broke 80 for the first time at Thanksgiving. It was a tale of two nines, 35 – 44. I think it was huge, breaking that barrier, especially the 35(!). I could do no wrong on that 9… and now I know I can do it. Just like you predicted, I now feel more confident I’ll be able to do it more often and ultimately consistently too. Thanks.
Brian N. Atlanta

Wanted to let you know I just hit the best bucket of balls that I’ve hit in probably 20 years. Thanks. This last batch of lessons was huge.
Larry A. T-Mobile

That was the best golf lesson any of us have ever had. Not even close.
Lissy D.V. LDV Business Solutions (after the first of four small group lessons)

Hi Corey, I wanted to thank you for the 5-week golf boot camp we just completed. I enjoyed our time together at the range and golf course. Your style of instruction was easy for me to grasp and you instilled confidence into my golf game. The camp was inclusive and comprehensive in all areas of golf (pitching, chipping, putting, sand, long irons, driving, etc.). Our conversations during the entire camp regarding the mental aspect of the game was also extremely helpful. I now understand I am not going to hit a perfect shot on every swing. During the boot camp I was able to learn from your lessons, incorporate that at the range or course, and then come back for more lessons. By the end of camp my ball striking improved immensely in all areas of the game.
Roy G. Retired Firefighter (Intensive student)

I wanted to let you know I played my personal best round today! I was 13 over and Brian only beat me by 3 strokes. It was so much fun!! I was smiling and laughing the whole time. My putting was trash, but I didn’t sweat it. Thank you so much for your amazing coaching. Can’t wait to work with you again.
Nicole D. ex-Olympic weightlifter

Corey, thanks a ton for helping me get my head straight (or at least straighter!). As you know, I’ve been a mental mess on the course for years. Not only am I playing better than ever (thanks to you!), but I’m actually having a great time again… which as you keep telling me, is super important out there!! Thanks man, you’re awesome.
Greg R. Industrial manufacturing

Just as some feedback, I wanted to let you know you are a fantastic teacher. I have learned a ton this past month and a half, including how to really slow things down (which for me has always been a real challenge!). And, it has made a world of difference. I’m having a blast out on the course now with my friends. Thanks!
Jared S. Emergency Room Doc

You’ve got a really nice swing, and a really good golf teacher in Corey. You should hang onto him, as most instructors are terrible, and it’s really hard to find a good one.
Jay T. Redbird Golf/Jeffmont (advising a customer)

Dropped my handicap from 8 down to 2 these last few months since covid-19. Super happy with our progress. Can you get together this week sometime? Got a few things to run by you.
Andrew C. Restaurant Supplies

U better clear your schedule for the week of the Masters!!! Alexa just won the regional of the Drive, Chip and Putt contest. She’s one of eight girls her age to make it to the national finals in Augusta next spring. Thank you, we couldn’t have done it without the best coach around!!
Chris M. Father of 11 year old Alexa

Just a little feedback, -just shot an 82 at Jefferson with my first ever hole-in-one!! Our first two lessons absolutely changed my game for the better! Thanks, and I’ll see you Wednesday.
Brian K. Dermatologist

I really appreciated the time and attention I received from Corey during my 5 week intensive program. Before working with Corey I had only been playing for a couple months, was shooting above 120, had a non-existent chipping game, and 3 putted many times. Corey really helped me develop tools to be a more effective player when approaching the green, around the green, developing consistency in my swing and putts, and helped me understand how to practice efficiently on my own. It’s been about a month since I finished the intensive program and I’ve shaved off about 15 strokes on my game, broken 100 a couple times, and feel confident approaching the green. I’ve also been able to limit my 3 putts and am now averaging 1.9/hole or 34/round. I’d have to say the amount of time spent practicing pitching, chipping, and putting in the intensive program was a critical part to helping me shave strokes off my game. Highly recommend spending time with Corey.
Ricky T. AWS (Intensive student)

Thanks for your gentle “golf parenting” to so many young people, in such a nurturing kid centered way. Brava, good sir, brava!
Shannon H. Journalist

I am so glad I did the five week intensive program with Corey. I am new to the sport, and this was an excellent way to learn the various components of the sport. Not only were the sessions at the driving range helpful, but the two outings on the course were invaluable. Corey is a very good and supportive teacher. He went above and beyond, giving me a couple of great books to further help the learning experience. I would not hesitate to recommend Corey to anyone who wants to learn the sport or to improve their game.
Owen D. High School Freshman (Intensive student)

I broke 100 for the first time ever after our lesson. That was my summer goal, but I’ve been usually shooting 110-120.
and again later…
I shot 94 at Newcastle Tuesday, with a few terrible drives OB. Could have been better. Then I looked at my scorecard from there from last year, and I had scored 116! Thanks for all your help.
Jake B. Construction

That last lesson was awesome! It has totally helped both my irons and my driver out. Great routine to help keep my arms more extended through my swing, which I am still struggling with. I was telling my brother, I think I am practically becoming more addicted to your lessons than to actually playing golf itself! Even when I am feeling down after a bad round, after I see you I always feel great about my game again when I am walking out the door. Thanks again!
Jim N. Boeing

Had a lot of fun playing yesterday. Pretty good round. Nice being back in the 70’s. Not quite like my college golf days, but I’m obviously not playing as much as back then either, like we talked about. Our mental approach and mindset discussion last lesson was just what I needed. I feel like golf is finally fun again. Thanks.
Andrew S. Surgeon

Thank you for your help this year. I finally broke 80 today for the first time ever, and there’s no way it would have happened without taking lessons from you.
Jeffrey R. Tech Consultant

I can’t believe the difference that working with Corey has made in my game. I was a twice-a-year golfer and never possessed the right mechanics or thought processes to build upon even though I really love golf. Corey’s approach was absolutely the best I could imagine – a thoughful process of buiding up to the point where I now have the confidence to participate in the game with people who enjoy it the way I’ve always wanted to. I credit both Corey’s deep knowledge of the sport, his mental framework around learning, and his incredible patience (something I’m short on) for the fantastic progress we made. I would recommend Corey to ANYONE who wants to get better, regardless of skill level. Thanks Corey!
Sean B. Amazon.com (Intensive student)

I very much appreciate the gentleness, encouragement, and scope of your instruction, and look forward to our next lesson.
Nichole N. M.D.

I cannot tell you how thankful I have been for your last three sessions. I have never been as clear about what I am ready to work on. The whole concept of… has been amazingly helpful.
and again, later…
Many thanks for your support and lessons for my golf. We prevailed and won the championship 1-up! It was our closest match in the series of six wins. Our opponents were in their 20’s, and one was from Scotland with a handicap of 12. She hit longer than most men I play with, but had a bad putting day compared to me. 🙂 We played in the cold wind and rain, and both won $100 gift certificates. Big time! 🙂
Pat S. Retired Financial Planner and competitive golfer

I’ve been having a blast this with our lessons these past months. They’re honestly the best part of my week.
Wyatt C. Tech

I shot an 85 at the Nile yesterday! Best score ever and could have been better. The swing tips in our first lesson have helped me reduce my slice and am even hitting a draw sometimes. So much more fun. What’s next? You mentioned starting to work on my short game. I’m all ears!
Patrick H. Amazon

I am delighted to find out you have reached out to Corey. He is a positive and skilled instructor. His emphasis is always on solid fundamentals that can be put into COMPETITION. I am quick to recommend him. I praise this decision and am excited to have Katelyn on our team.
Don P. Head Coach Mercer Island H.S. girls golf team (2014 National H.S. Coach of the Year)

Par’d number 16 at Cyprus Point. Shot 84 with three 3-putts and two short misses. Game is rock solid! Thanks again for all the help!
and again, later… (after a follow-up lesson)
I wanted to let you know your recent instruction really helped! Last five rounds were 82, 84, 80, 86, 79, on which only one course I had even played before! I am crushing my driver with a baby draw. I won longest drive with a 320 yard hit! Of course, it was downwind and at 6000 feet in Colorado, but who cares!?! Your refresher really helped!!
Back in Seattle till 8/23, then on to the World AM!
Fairways and Greens.
Bill M. Nuclear Power Industry (Intensive student)

My parents were very pleased with my form, technique, and knowledge. They were in town for 7 days, and we ended up playing golf on five of them because I enjoyed it so much. I am currently traveling and will visit my first course in Korea tomorrow!
Thanks again for introducing me to this beautiful game, which will allow me to enjoy many shared hours with my parents, even as they age.
Nayoung W. UW Administration

We had our evening event at Top Golf on my business trip. Everybody was amazed how far and how accurately I was hitting the ball! Thanks for working with me over the past couple months! You have really helped out my golf game.
Brian H. Software Engineer

Corey is the 10th instructor I have had in 40 years of golfing. I can truly
say, without qualification, that he is the best yet. He has an uncanny knack
for discovering issues with my mechanics and recommending understandable and effective means of correcting them. I came away from each lesson with a new discovery that significantly improved my swing. This was true for all aspects of my game from driver down to the putter. I am again excited to go out golfing!
Joe L. Long Time Golfer

Best day yet at the driving range today! So good. The adjustment to my grip, coupled with more attention on that other stuff we were talking about last lesson, really seems to be paying off. I shot a bucket of 40, and felt good about at least 30 of them! THANK YOU!!
Nancy A. Beginner – Microsoft

Thank you for your work with Annelise, and your dedication to our daughter’s success.
Brendan R. Father of conference, district and state tournament playing high school golfer

Dear Corey,
Noppakorn is doing very well since we came back to Thailand. He qualified at Q school on his first try, and he made the cut in his first professional tournament!
His short game, especially his chipping and pitching, has improved a lot since working with you. Unfortunately, he is still struggling a bit with his putter, so he has not made as many birdies as he should have.
Thanks again for your help.
Suvimol S. Mother of 19 year old Nappakorn

Dude, you are blowing my mind!
Jon A. Gates Foundation (Repeated five times during a 9-hole playing lesson)

Corey, I had my annual golf trip to Arizona for Spring training with my buddies two weeks ago. I was ecstatic with how much better I played. It is so much more fun when you’re hitting the ball where you want to. And as I’ve said before, I’m beyond blown away with my short game improvement. I didn’t tell my friends I had been taking lessons lately at first either, and they couldn’t believe how much better I was. I still want to do a little tuning on my driver and putting coming up, but overall couldn’t be happier with our progress. Thanks a million.
and again, later…
Oh, did I tell you? I got a hole in one two weeks ago at Desert Aire. Funnest ever… and I owe it all to you.
Rick K. CFO pharmiceutical company (Intensive student)

You’ve had a really great and calming influence on our team.
Marc C. Division I Head Men and Women’s Golf Coach Seattle U

I took one lesson before (last year), but we didn’t cover half of what we talked about today. This is great. My husband is going to be so pleased. I wish I lived here so I could keep taking lessons with you. I guess I will have to wait until next time I come back to Seattle. Thank you so much!
Kathleen H. M.O.M.A. New York

Hey Corey! Just wanted to let you know I had my best round ever today – 77 from the back tees at Willows Run (Coyote Creek). And that was with bogeys on the final two holes even! While I only hit two fairways all day, I still hit two thirds of greens in regulation, giving myself lots of birdie chances. I actually shot even par on the front nine, then started thinking a little too much. Even so, I still held it together pretty well on the back and got some pars. And, as you predicted, I didn’t even feel like I played lights out. I totally could’ve scored better than I did without much problem, which is exciting! The lessons you’ve given us have helped a lot with confidence and mental frame of mind on the course. So thank you, and I look forward to sharing more low scores in the future.
Paul C. Engineer

My hope and next goal is for my friends to notice how much better I am, so I can then refer them to you and give you a bunch of new clients. This last five lessons have been great. I can’t wait to get out on the course now and start playing again.
David N. Software engineer

Taking Corey’s 10-week intensive lessons last spring made it possible for both my husband and I to meet our goal of playing on a 18-hole course together by the middle of the summer. Corey’s teaching ability and expertise are by far the best I’ve ever experienced. He made learning and practicing really fun, and he supportively calmed my jitters the first time out on the course. I highly recommend his program.
Patty R. Retired HR (UW) (Intensive student)

Hey Corey, just played a round this morning and am driving the ball better than I ever have. Just wanted to say thanks for making the game fun again, and see you soon.
Lance S. Alaska Airlines

Can’t thank you enough for the wisdom you continue to provide Ella and the rest of the team. Aside from swing mechanics, you are giving them the confidence to compete and win. We went and hit balls today – she was absolutely striping it. She is fired up for defending the title (her words, not mine!). See you soon.
Paul W. Father of Ella (member 2015 AAA state champions Mercer Island H.S girls golf team)

Corey! You rock! I love it – thank you. It really is energizing to hit the ball well. Randy saw me hit a 190 yard DRAW off the tee, and he gasped. He’s still recovering from the shock and awe of it. Also, thanks for the great ‘attitude adjustment’ and for reminding me that the good shots deserve the focus, not the bad.
Rebecca P. Audiology Specialist

Thanks for the lesson. I had a fun day today at Chambers Bay with good friends. It was a night and day difference compared with the last time I played.
Chris W. Corporate Insurance

I’ve been playing golf for over ten years without ever really learning how. I finally decided to take a proper lesson and was lucky enough to find Corey. We started at square one and have been building my game back up on a new solid foundation. Now when I step up to the ball I actually have confidence that at the very least I know clearly what I am trying to do and how to do it. Golf is hard, but Corey has a great attitude and it rubs off on you. It’s a joy to spend an hour or two with him, and my game is definitely moving in the right direction. I improved more in the last two months with Corey than I did in the last ten years combined.
Dan B. Amazon.com (Intensive student)

Wow! Your instruction is paying off in a huge way! I just shot a 40 on the back nine at Washington National. Wow! That would normally be about 10 strokes higher. I had a hole with a score of 10 on the front nine, but still managed an 89 for all 18 holes, which is another record for me on that course. I have never hit the ball so much more accurately and longer!!! Thank you…
Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure not everything is perfect, but my buddy couldn’t believe his eyes. I gave him your number, just like some random playing partner gave it to me a few months back. And just imagine, we’ve hardly worked on short game stuff yet either!
Scott B. Pension Planner

I told my wife we should add you to our Christmas card list, since I’ve been having so much more fun playing golf these days after our couple lessons. What a world of difference!
Addison Microsoft

Thanks to you I just won my first tournament with a 40. My new handicaap is 16.9. The lessons you gave me when I was in Seattle were incredible. Thanks again, and cheers from Munich!
Alex Visiting UW professor (from Germany)

Hi Corey,
I am so excited about my round today, I need to tell you about it. First off, thank you for changing my golf game completely. I used to love golf. Now I REALLY love golf. I can never re-pay you for all the benefits I am receiving from your instruction. Thank you!!!
I only had two bad shots today that were longer than 20 yards. Can you believe that!?! The most remarkable thing was my approach shots. I can’t believe how often I was on the green in regulation! I think I was 7 over for my best 12 holes, which for me is incredible. After I remembered your tip about my grip pressure, I made a slight tweak on the range before playing, and was absolutely hitting the cover off the ball. My irons were straight and long. I also tried your sand bunker advice (I was only in one), and guess what happened. I hit the flag and it landed 3 feet from the hole, and I made par. I have never done that before from the sand. Now if we get my putting on track, watch out! There’s a lot more to tell you, but I will wait until I see you later this week. It was just unbelieveable. Again, thank you.
Bob S. Financial Services

Both Hana and my husband enjoyed themselves tremendously! Thank you for your great work with the girls.
Amy O. Mom of middle school girls golf clinic participant

Max went through three days of 18-hole tryouts and was hoping to make at least an alternate spot on his high school team… Nope, he tore it up and is #3 on the squad! They may not be the best, but we are damn proud of him considering nerves and conditions. He threw down three good rounds and even beat the #2 one day. We wanted to thank you for all you have given him, as we believe it has been wonderful for him. When we have been out playing or practicing together, I hear him muttering stuff from you. He really likes you, and I think you are very good for him on many levels, apart from the swing mechanics. So, if you wouldn’t mind taking him under your wing for the next four years, who knows, the sky’s the limit!! We would like him to be able to keep his relationship with you, and call you when he needs to. I just think it would be cool for him to have  a mentor. Thanks a lot, and let me know if you want to keep him in your stable for a few years. I promise I am not a psycho dad, I am just really proud of him and want him to stay on track with something he can do for life.
… four years later, after three years of being the team’s #1…
We’re going to California next week to visit schools and golf coaches. We’re all psyched.
Tom B. High School Teacher and Soccer Coach, and dad of Freshman Max

I took Corey’s 5-week intensive course this spring.  I have played golf infrequently over the past 15 years and had never had a lesson (only friends and family telling me what I was doing wrong!).  I decided that in order to have more fun and less frustration, now was the time to get serious about the game.  I could not be happier with my experience with Corey and with the results.  Corey gave me the fundamentals in all areas of the game, also coaching me in how to practice once we were finished with our lessons.  He was also excellent in providing different approaches if he saw that I wasn’t getting something.  He summarized each session with written notes reviewing the key points from the lesson, which was very helpful for me in pulling it all together.  I am enjoying practicing and playing more than ever before, and I am now able to practice with confidence that I am doing things the right way and will continue to improve.  Thanks Corey, it was great fun and I am happy to give you my highest recommendation!!  PS, now if it would only stop raining…
Lori J.  Computer Consultant (Intensive student)

I love my new clubs! They are just the right fit. Thanks for helping us pick them out.
Debashree D. Tech Industry

Hi Corey, I love the progress report, and am thrilled you are coming up with a plan. As per your advice, the girls will be getting out at Jefferson next week. I think it makes sense for you to connect with them on the course again coming up. Thanks again for everything. Steve and I feel really happy Ruby has you for a coach and mentor.
Toni M. (Mom of soon to be high school golfer)

Hi Corey! Clark has felt he really learned a lot from you and his putting has improved a ton. Now he would like to learn how to hit his other clubs. What are the options, and what is your availability coming up? Thanks!
Karen H. Retired Microsoft

Dear Coach Corey, I want to thank you for being an amazing coach! Ever since June, my sister and I have really improved our games because of your help and guidance. You’re always positive and encouraging (especially after I hit some bad shots) and there is no possible way I could have improved this much without your support. I am so excited to continue working with you both at the range and on the course. Thank you once again, I really appreciate it.
Ashley W. Local high school freshman golfer

Corey – Thanks for the lesson and time yesterday. Your advice was excellent and I felt like I had a real result from the improvements we walked through. Felt MUCH more confident in my ball striking. Will hit the range and be in touch for the next steps when feeling confident in building the basics we went over. Regards.
Dion W. Mobile Cloud Services

Hey Corey, I thought I would drop you a line to share my excitement. I was introduced to golf 11 years ago by a buddy I still golf with today. For the very first time in 11 years, I beat him today, by one stroke on the front nine and one stroke on the back nine! So glad to not be “spinning my wheels” anymore and to have a solid base from which to work. I am truly impressed by your instruction and thankful for your tutelage. See ya soon!
ps – This is a true story and am loving this game more than ever. Feel free to use this as a testimonial (I used them when researching my choice for a golf coach when I decided you had the best resume). I see you have many already. Well deserved!
Chad T. Boeing

Thank you so much. Marley was on fire after her lesson with you this morning. She is so excited to be learning golf with you so she can play with her grandpa. He is super excited too!
Amy S. Mom of 9-year old Marley

Corey, You were the first golf teacher I had, 5 years ago. Since then I have ventured out and taken lessons from numerous places and pros, and honestly, become a little wary of lessons. That said, I do see the value in another set of eyes and was hoping I could come back and see you, maybe once a month(?). By the way, you are the only teacher I have met that I would consider going back to, Let me know if this could work. Thanks.
Mark N. Attorney

Enclosed is a check for another four lesson gift certificate for my daughter. Laura is a past student of yours and has expressed that your lessons have been instrumental to her improvement, and subsequent enjoyment, of her golf game. I look forward to hearing of her continued improvement under your instruction.
Phil T. Boise, Idaho

When I first considered the intensive, I had no short game to speak of, AND no idea that working on some parts of my short game would help improve my long game too. Where it became incredibly evident was after taking a month vacation. Upon my return, it was actually my short game that held up the best. Thanks to Corey’s training and approach of teaching me what to practice and how to practice it, it really became engrained as routine. Now my putting, pitching and chipping are the strongest parts of my game! And, my handicap is coming down…which doesn’t help in league play! Ha ha 🙂
Also, I was recently at the dentist getting some work done, and all I could think of while I was sitting in the chair was, ‘Darn, I could’ve taken two more intensive courses with the money I’m paying to be here right now. Arghh!!’
Susan M. Weyerhauser/Historian (Intensive student)

I can’t believe I just picked up 20-30 yards per club. Unbelievable! I’m swinging so much easier and with so much less effort too. This feels really good. I’ve never felt so automatic with my swing before. Thanks, I look forward to continued progress moving ahead.
Chris L. Intel

Played golf in Bellingham yesterday. Shot a 93. Exceptional, by my standards. Wouldn’t have taken much to break 90, which I have never done in my life. THANK YOU!
Brian B. Retired Boeing Exec

Thank you, Corey. You’ve been great. I was a little hesistant taking up golf in the first place, and especially learning from a guy. Needless to say, you immediately eased my fears and were super patient and helpful. If I wasn’t moving down to the bay area, I would definitely keep coming for more lessons. Thanks!
Shana S. High Tech

I played Interbay the other week and actually shot par for 9 holes! First time I have ever done that. Chipping and Putting were great. Also making some progress changing my swing to be more ‘compact’.
Neil C.  High Finance  (Intensive student)

After my lesson I went and practiced my new mechanics. Though my journey has just started and I have a long way to go, I am already seeing positive results. Today’s visit was money well spent.
David R. Oil Industry

Thank you Corey! I couldn’t have done it without you. You have really helped me this year.
Molly W. High school golfer (team 5th in state) and state tournament qualifier (individual)

Hi Corey,
Do you have anything available for a lesson on Saturday? Btw, shot an 85 last weekend! Beat my best score by 15.
Jared H. Psychologist

Hi Corey,
I thought you might appreciate seeing this– after my lesson on Thursday I beat my previous best score ever by 1 stroke. Maybe just as important, I had fun! Getting back to the low 80s from the high 90s felt great. The simple hint about… got me right back on track. Everyone was asking me “so how much did that lesson cost?” I told them “about a quarter of what it was worth!”
and again, later…
Something extremely cool happened Saturday night, something that ought to make both of us feel good. It was the end-of-season banquet for my golf club at the Nile. A number of awards were given out by the pro, one of which was for “most improved golfer in 2013” , and I won it! I took 6 strokes off my handicap this year, something for which you deserve a ton of credit.
Dan B. Computer Science UW

Hey Corey! As you know I have been competing in a couple of men’s club tournaments.  This all started when I was taking lessons from you back in March. Since then, it has been a battle – a continuous process to fine tune and get the whole game working all together at once. I have progressively gotten better, which is evident thru my steady climb in placing higher in each tourney that I play in. My very first tournament, I was dead last. Lol. In gross and net! That was in March. I have gotten closer to the leaders by placing 22nd, 13th, 6th and as of last Saturday, tied for 1st place in my flight. But that really doesn’t indicate how far I have come. My chipping, pitching and putting have come a looooong way thanks to you! Still working on being more consistent and improving my course management.
Thanks again!
Dominic N. Medical lab tech (Intensive student)

Great seeing you again yesterday after all these years. Your advice really helped. Looking forward to continuing to improve. Thanks again!
Peter H. Dentist

Corey – I just got back from a trip where I was able to play a couple rounds with my father-in-law. I have to tell you, I played 15 strokes per round better than I did last August when I played with the same father-in-law, and it has everything to do with the lessons I took from you this winter. My biggest improvement has been in the short game (no surprise there), but also in driving, which used to be an utter disaster. Overall consistency is much improved as well. Thanks again for your thoughtful instruction, it was very helpful and greatly improved my golfing outlook. (May – the following Spring)
Dylan D. Construction Management

Through two days of tryouts, Spencer gutted it out and made the Kentwood High School varsity golf team! We just can’t thank you enough for all your help.
Art C. Grandpa of 14 year old high school freshman Spencer

Corey, The lessons you gave me have taken my game to a whole new level. In all these years, nobody has ever told me of those things before. Muchas Gracias!
Luis MD (Puerto Rico)

Corey was my golf instructor for the past year. I had no experience whatsoever, but Corey was patient and kept me motivated. He has a great eye for movement and gave me feedback I could use immediately to improve my swing. As a Pilates instructor, I have helped many golfers with back pain. Now I have an understanding not only of the anatomy of a golf swing, but an appreciation for the game of golf! Golf and pilates are both about precision, moving from the core, and subtle shifts in alignment. I can go out on a course with confidence now and I have Corey to thank for that!
Heather S. Conscious Body Pilates

Hi Corey, I can’t thank you enough for the coaching provided this summer. After several years of casual golf with buddies, I finally feel like I know what the heck I am doing with a club in my hands. I still have some work to do with hitting inside-out, but am working on swing path and release 1-2 days per week at the range.
Also, I’ve hit 70% of fairways in my last five rounds since our last lesson, up from 30% a few months ago. I’m still hitting fades with the driver, but am playing confidently and am hitting consistently well off the tee.
Will L. Amazon.com (Intensive student)

Corey has the great blend of teacher and coach. What I appreciated was that Corey was able to get behind my goals for the game and actually work with me towards those goals. Along the way, he showed me the importance of the mental game, which has transformed not only my golf swing, but how I approach the game itself.
and again, later…
I just wanted to let you know I’ve been doing great. Overall, I feel like my game is at a whole new level. Still not where I want it to be, but the feeling of confusion about why things aren’t working is completely gone, as well as any trace of letting the game get to me. Thanks again for all your help. You are the most patient person I’ve ever met. See you at the range.
Dave L. Counselor

I just wanted to thank you for how much you’ve helped me. Since we had those lessons, I’ve been doing awesome. My misses are now all within about 10-15 yards left or right, maximum. I really appreciate it.
Neal V. Boeing

I was an 11 handicap when we first got together two years ago. Last year when I came out, I was an 8. This year I’m starting at 4.9. I’m looking forward to working together every spring from here on out. Thanks.
Tom N. Nordstrom

Corey, you are an awesome teacher.
Bob M. Attorney

Corey – Braden made the Mercer Island High School golf team… Varsity!… As a freshman!! Yay! Thanks to you!
Carrie YMom of Braden

Corey, Greetings… You gave me a group of four lessons over a year ago, and I would like to take a couple more over the next few weeks to refine some parts of my game…
P.S. When I initially met you my handicap was 12.5, and through following your instructions over the last year and a half it is now 8.5. Thanks!
Lonnie P. Roofing

Played nine this evening… one under. Two birdies, one bogey, 7 of 9 greens in regulation. Not every swing was what I want it to be, but making better contact. Thanks for the help you are providing.
Rob C. Nordstrom/Inglewood member

I have noticed some tremedous improvement. Thanks so much for what you have done for my game!
Doug F. USMC

Wanted to let you know I played golf last week and had my best round ever. Just solid all the way around. Focusing on scoring, short game, and not just driving the ball, has made a big difference. In the past, I would hit my drive and then just sorta “finish the hole” without much additional thought given. I appreciate the work we’ve done together.
John M. MD Swedish Hospital (Intensive student)

I’ve recommended you to lots of people over the years, While I’ve taken lots of lessons in my life, I found you were by far and away the best instructor I ever had. You explained things super clearly, AND I saw immediate results! Good to see you again.
Jerry H. Lifetime golfer and current retiree

Corey, I just wanted to let you know that Alexa really enjoyed her lesson the other night, and that she is looking forward to the next one. She also shot a 45 for nine holes today, her best round ever by 8 strokes! Her previous record was 53! I can’t wait until she starts beating all her dad’s friends.
again later…
She shot a 41 yesterday, which was her best ever!
Rachel M. Mom of 8-year old Alexa

Thanks for all your help. Alexa shot 44 on the front and was down six at the turn. She then shot her best ever, 38, on the back. First place by one stroke in the 1st through 6th grade division. See you soon.
Chris M. Dad of 9-year old Alexa

You’re good at your job.
Conner V. Dental Student

After taking an occasional lesson and trying to teach myself over the last 10 years, I took a five-week intensive with Corey. My goal was to develop core mechanics with which to approach the game. The transformation in my skills has been remarkable. As a result of Corey’s calm, patient instruction, all aspects of my game have improved, my slice is largely gone, and I have a consistent approach to every putt, chip, pitch, and swing.
Marc L. Healthcare Administrator  (Intensive student)

You are by far the best sports instructor I have ever had. Your laid back approach really worked for me. Thanks.
Bryan T. Forensics

This is the farthest I’ve ever hit it. I think you are really helping me!
Blake S. 8 year old golfer (15 minutes into first lesson)

Thank you for a great introduction to golf. I learned so much and discovered that it is indeed something I am inspired and excited to work on. That is a great gift, and I appreciate you for starting me off on my journey.
Tamra S. Sales

Corey, I shot an 84 at Overlake the other day (one week after our lesson), after not having broken 90 all summer. I am really psyched about working together.
Jon S. Teacher

The report from Wenatchee is that dad parred five holes in a row today before things fell apart! He also reports that he is driving about 20 yards farther than with his old driver, and without a slice! He said he now hits a club lower for distance calculation.
Patty R. Daughter of 78 year old John

Corey, picked up my clubs today. They are absolutely magical. Thank you so much for your advice and for hooking me up with the right folks. It was definitely the right thing to do. Thank you.
Robin K. Forestry Industry

You’re an awesome teacher. And thanks for the candy, it was really good..
Matt S. High School Student

I just want to let people know how much I’ve come to value the team lessons. What a fantastic format! The weekly lessons and the consistency they bring to my practice are invaluable. I love it that the lessons let you work with Corey for a few minutes, and then you get a chance to practice what you’ve gone over while he helps the next student. He’ll typically make it around to everyone two or three times in the hour, so you get a nice blend of instruction and practice time. Also, it let’s him get familiar with your quirks, your swing, and your game over time. Oh, and the best part is the pay-off: after three consecutive months of team lessons, my handicap dropped from 26 to 19.
Dan B. Computer Science, UW

Hey Corey, I think you are an amazingly talented golf instructor and I really enjoyed working with you!!! You are such an excellent teacher, and nonjudgmental, which is fantastic.
Suzanne B. Mom and housewife extraordinaire

Thanks for everything – you were wonderful. If I hear of someone wanting lessons, I will steer them your way!
Heidi P. Key Bank

You are a great coach, Corey. Last year I went from shooting around 110 to the low 90’s. I even broke 90 once!
and again, later…
It’s amazing how well your lessons stick.  I hadn’t played in 6 months and hadn’t hit the range in longer.  Last week in San Diego I mentally went through your recommendations and had one of the best rounds of my life.  It was like you were playing with us!
Carlos S. Egenera

Corey, I owe it all to you. I couldn’t have won the 2008 U.S. Open at Torrey Pines last weekend without you. For that matter, I credit you with all 14 of my major tournament wins. You are the best!
Tiger W. Pro golfer (…not!)

Corey – I want to thank you for your help these past 5 lessons. I’ve got more control, I’m hitting the balls further on the tee and on the fairway, and I actually can say I have a short game! The package literally paid for itself in just one lesson! The first time I played after our lesson on chipping and putting I had all the guys in our group amazed at some of the longer putts I was making, and I rarely 3-putt now. The lesson plan was totally tailored to my skill level and what I wanted to improve in my game. I never felt intimidated, and you were incredibly patient with all of my questions. I can’t wait to see what the summer play holds for me, and I’m sure I’ll be back this fall for some additional pointers!
and again, later…
We’re doing great in our league… in 3rd place now. My long drive last week was 230! OMG!! Thought you might find it interesting, since 3 of the 4 members on our team are your students. Next week is the last week, and it is match play. I won my last match play, and played 5 strokes under my handicap. Too much stress!!
Julie R . Microsoft

Before we met a couple months ago, I was shooting 110-120. Last weekend I shot a 97. If I had made some better decisions on the front 9, I could have been low 90’s to possibly high 80’s. Needless to say, the 5-week intensive has helped my game a ton. Thanks!
David T . Corporate Recruiter (Intensive student)

Hi Corey!
I have been loving golf, and doing LOTS of it. In fact, the team I am on from my club just qualified to play in a tourney at Pinehurst in July! I definitely credit you with my improvement. Thanks!
Rachel R . Seattle Pet Day Care

Yeah, our trip to St. Andrews was amazing. We both had the best rounds of our lives. I shot a 78, Deanna had a 97. I really felt like your coaching made a huge difference… especially with the driver!
Brandon S. Banker

My irons have been better than ever Corey. I have gained maybe 5 yards longer in distance but they are flying high, straight and sitting down nicely. Accuracy is definitely way better. I had struggled with the driver but I am really pounding it now.
Bill S. Boeing engineer

Corey – A big thank you for giving Ben such thoughtful attention today. He came home energized and motivated, which is truly the best thing we could have hoped for. You are the first coach/instructor who has actually instructed him. What a difference!
Marjorie O. Mom of 15-year old Ben

Thanks Corey. As feedback, the team thought you did a great job instructing. Everyone thought you provided the right level of detail and really good instruction. People talked about wanting do this golf outing again sometime with additional instruction – so I’ll keep you posted. Again, thanks for the work you did to help us get this event organized and for the great job instructing.
Anne B. PricewaterhouseCoopers

Hey Corey,
Just wanted to say thanks for the lessons. I learned a ton and my game is most definitely improving.
Ian S. Amazon.com

At the beginning of last season I got serious about my golf game, and coincidentally met Corey Waggoner. As a direct result of Corey’s insightful direction through just four sessions and considerable practice, I have dramatically improved my control while gaining distance from each iron and wood. I’m very confident and legitimately expect a completely respectable performance each time out. With a bit more of Corey’s attention this season, this 58-year old man should be carrying a single-digit handicap! Sure, I mess-up here and there, but I’m also making remarkably good shots now like a real golfer. Thank you Corey.
Jim F. Mortgage Broker

Corey – It is great being taught by someone who is so patient and encouraging. The way you explain a lesson and give feedback is always positive and very helpful. Thank you!
Lori P. Statistical Programmer

Hello Corey,
I wanted to thank you for the group lessons that you gave us earlier this year. I have been playing for twelve years and shooting in the mid 90’s the entire time. Your back to basics approach for me really paid dividends. I broke into the 70’s for the first time ever, and that was the best golf experience I have ever had.
Taking lessons with my son Jacob and now playing with him “every chance we get” has been one of the best father and son experiences I have shared with him, and it will be time well spent for the rest of our lives.
P.S. Watching the progressive videos of my swing really helped me visualize what my swing should look and feel like.
Thanks again Corey.
Brian W. Engineer

Dude, I love it! I’m taking my game to a new level—thanks to you.
Jim F.  Mortgage Broker…again…later

I am still working on what you have taught me, both practicing and playing once a week. My ball striking is much better and I am hitting it much straighter. My handicap has dropped from 25 to 19, which is hard for me to believe! I still have bad rounds and get off, but I am playing the best golf I have ever played—thanks to you!
Randy P. M.D.

When I was given the gift of some golf lessons… I thought, geez, I’ve tried that before and it never really helped. Then I met Corey. Picture a zen surfer guy… (attitude, not looks!). He was calm, friendly, made inviting suggestions, and was never anything but positively approaching any teaching issue. He made some suggestions that seemed so simple and small, but what a difference. He didn’t try to break down my whole game and have me start over. Just simple adjustments, said simply… and with great verbal analogies that helped me understand. Then practice, gentle feedback… and wow… the session was over. I say if you would like to improve your golf game, and enjoy a great coaching environment, that leaves you enjoying the effort… only one guy to call. Corey. Oh and one more thing, I am not telling my partner where to reach him. She is very competitive!
Eileen T. Business Consultant

We both played several rounds in Idaho and shot well. Your lessons are paying off! Thanks.
Forrest H. Medical School Resident

Corey – Thanks again! We are both very happy with how the lessons went. I feel I learned the elements of a good golf swing and know what I need to practice. The notes each week have been really helpful. We appreciate your teaching style and would recommend you to anyone who wants lessons.
Walter I. Attorney

Alex won most improved golfer on the Auburn High School team, and was the only one on the team to make it to the West Central Districts (which is coming up this spring). I think you really helped him out. Thanks.
Guy P. Police Officer

Corey, you were exactly what I was looking for! I didn’t want an instructor, I wanted someone who would work with me like a coach would, talking through things and working together to improve my game. Not only is my swing much more consistent but now I have a real understanding of what works, and more importantly, how I can correct things when they don’t. I’ve got lots of buckets ahead of me, but I know two things… my scorecard will have smaller numbers this year and we’ll work together again. Thanks for everything!
Kristopher J. Radio programmer

I found your advice to be very good, and my performance noticably improved. I feel I got good value for my money.
Dave T. UW Graduate student

Paul had a great time! He was really impressed with your lesson, saying that it was the best, most useful lesson he’s ever had. Your tips made it easy for him to pinpoint his weaknesses and work on them. In fact, he’s out practicing today. So, thank you so much!
Michelle L. Mmm…Paper

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