All golfers $3000 -$5500

For those looking to greatly enhance their golf skills in a short time, SGI offers both a 5 and 10-week intensive series of golf lessons. This program is great for both beginners and experienced golfers, and is a much more productive option than flying to Arizona or Florida for a 3-7 day golf school. The intensive programs, sometimes called Golf Boot Camp, consist of Corey spending 2 hours/day, 3 days/week with a student. Corey will intermittently film the student throughout the series, supervise intensive practice sessions, accompany the student for an on-course playing lesson (or two), and give two 1-hour follow-up lessons within one year of the conclusion of the program. Over the course of an intensive series you as a student can typically expect:

  • To drop 2-4 years off the time it would normally take you to improve to this new level.
  • To drop an average of four to twelve strokes from your scores immediately. (Your average score for 18 holes should be 90 or higher to see the most dramatic results)
  • To know exactly how to practice for maximum results (what, when, how much).
  • To understand the physics behind the golf swing.
  • To thoroughly understand your golf swing (what causes you to hit errant shots, and how to fix them immediately and get back on track).
  • To learn to become your own best teacher by automatically cycling through the possible reasons for a bad shot, and then providing yourself with the necessary fix.
  • To understand the game of golf (i.e., the evolution of progress, where lower scores really come from, how to think your way around a course (course management, strategy, etc.)).
  • To receive at least three books and other aids to help your learning process.

For more detailed information about the Intensive Series, please contact Corey.

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