Golf clubs and Repair:

  • Jeffmont – I have played with custom fit Redbird clubs since 1993. Jay Turner and his crew at Jeffmont provide great service and build excellent clubs, AND, their fitting system is second to none.

Golf News:

Junior Golf/College Golf:

Local golf course directory:

Golf fitness:

  • Davoli Massage – Caroline at Davoli Massage is among the top bodyworkers in town. Whether it is for sports related injuries, relaxation, pregnancy, fertility, maya abdominal massage, etc., call her now!
  • Barre3 – Offers a full body work out for men and women. Super helpful all around strengthening for golfers, and everyone!

The Mental Game:

  • – Headspace is a great and easy way to learn about, observe, and develop a capacity to control (or let go of) your emotions and reactions to adversity, both in your golf game…. and life!
  • GolfPsych
  • TheFluidMotionFactor
  • Waking Up – A guide to understanding the mind, for the purpose of living a more balanced and fulfilling life

Establish a handicap here:

The Rules of Golf:

Email Specials:

  • Email SGI if you would like periodic email notice of SGI lesson specials.
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