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Corey brings a love for the game of golf to his teaching style, helping his students to the next level both at the practice range and on the golf course.

Your instruction experience begins with an interview to help Corey understand where you are in your golf game, what your goals and objectives are, and if you have any special needs or wants. Corey will isolate and prioritize your swing flaws, while working with you to establish a lesson plan that suits your schedule and is appropriate to your goals and objectives.

Areas in the golf swing covered by Corey include, but are not limited to:


  • The importance of taking divots
  • Clubhead speed
  • Tempo
  • Shots to the right
  • Shots to the left
  • Lack of power
  • Course management
  • Physical pre-shot strategy
  • Swing path and swing plane
  • Connection
  • Overcoming inconsistency
  • Thin and Fat shots
  • Working the ball
  • High, low, fade, draw
  • Strategy
  • Pre-shot routine


Areas covered in the short game:


  • Putting
  • Pitching
  • Chipping
  • Bunker play


The Inner Game (mental) includes:


  • Course management
  • Focusing strategies
  • Successful practice and learning strategies
  • Anger management
  • Confidence building techniques



- Call or email for seasonal specials -

Private golf lessons (1 hour)

4-lesson packages

  • Winter Special 2017-18
  • Five 1-hour golf lessons for $350

  • (Winter lessons must be completed by April 15, 2018 (or they EXPIRE!))


From beginners to low handicappers, Corey helps golfers of all levels achieve their goals. Because every golfer's physical abilities, way of thinking and communicating, and goals are different, each lesson Corey teaches is unique and personalized. Add this to Corey's state of the art video technology and you'll be on your way to improving your game.

Often it's difficult to change something you can't see. By digitally capturing your swing, Corey is able to show students exactly where their swing is less than perfect. Then the payoff: a customized learning plan just for you!

(Private lessons are available to be split between couples or two friends. If both golfers are not at the same level, Corey will split his time between the two.)

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5 and 10-week golf intensive program

For those looking to greatly enhance their golf skills in a short time, SGI offers both a 5 and 10-week intensive series of golf lessons. This program is great for both beginners and experienced golfers, and is a much more productive option than flying to Arizona or Florida for a 3-7 day golf school. The intensive programs, sometimes called Golf Boot Camp, consist of Corey spending 2 hours/day, 3 days/week with a student. Corey will intermittently film the student throughout the series, supervise intensive practice sessions, accompany the student for an on-course playing lesson (or two), and give two 1-hour follow-up lessons within one year of the conclusion of the program. Over the course of an intensive series you as a student can typically expect:

For more detailed information about the Intensive Series contact Corey

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Small group golf lessons

SGI's small group lessons are ideal for both beginners and experienced golfers. During the course of four 2-hour lessons, students receive instruction covering everything from set-up and grip to putting, short game, full swing, and hitting woods. With 3-5 students per class, the student-teacher ratio is low enough to be very effective. Students are often videotaped and always encouraged to ask questions. Student will also receive notes at the end of each lesson. Form your own group of 3-5 people and set up lesson times that work for you!

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back to topOnOn-course playing lessons
On Course Playing Lessons

Playing lessons can often help boost a player to the next level. During a playing lesson, Corey accompanies students in the role of a caddie while they play either 9 or 18 holes at a local Seattle or Bellevue area golf course. Over the course of the round students learn, among other things, strategy, shot selection, mental approach, club selection, and course management techniques.

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Gift certificates

Great as birthday, holiday or corporate/client gifts, sharp looking Seattle Golf Instruction gift certificates can be purchased for any type or amount of lessons desired. To have a gift certificate promptly mailed to you, contact Corey . If it's too late for it to be mailed, same day pick up is often possible .